Crescent Avenue Development, LP dba A-Plus Self Storage Complex of West Middlesex; Crescent Avenue Development II, LP dba A-Plus Self Storage Complex of Route 51; Crescent Avenue Development III, LP dba A-Plus Self Storage Complex of Moon Township.

Unit Size Square Feet
5x5 25 sq. ft.
 Small furniture (i.e. chairs, end tables), boxes, totes, and small crates 
50 sq. ft.
 For small bedroom, small couch, mattresses, bed frames
100 sq. ft.
 For one bedroom apartment, regular couches plus appliances and boxes
150 sq. ft.
 For two bedroom apartment, larger furniture, appliances plus boxes; motorcycles
200 sq. ft.
 Size equivalent to one-car garage  
 Good for two or three bedroom apartment or house or able to fit most automobiles 

250 sq. ft.
 Size equivalent to a large one-car garage.
 Good for three 
or four bedroom apt. or house, lawn equipment, patio furniture, etc.

* All Unit Sizes are approximate.

We offer the following sizes at all 3 storage locations:


A-Plus Self Storage Home


    A-Plus Self Storage Complex offers a wide variety of unit sizes. We also offer storage units that are either Temperature Controlled or Non-Temperature Controlled settings in order to best suit your needs.

    At all of our locations, all our units have ceilings that are 8 feet high, approximately, and are up to date with all of the current business building codes. Our units have smooth cement floors - no dirt or gravel - for easy placement of storage items and ease of access. The unit walls are made of stainless steel and the doors are easy to open garage door style.

Call for specific pricing, unit size availability, and general information. Also please inquire about any specials or deals we may currently be offering!

We are available to speak with you 7 days a week.

Please call us at 724-841-5175 to make an appointment to see our units!